Wyandotte Highschool Kansas City,KS

I have always had a slight interest in the history of Wyandotte High School. As a student in the Kansas City,KS Public School District I simply enjoyed taking trips to Wyandotte High School. The building  for some reason always seemed to amaze me, as it was unlike any of the other Schools in the district.  Its size and beauty  are enough to capture anyones’ attention.  The current Building is located at the corner of 25th Armstrong in Kansas City, KS. The front of the building contains to massive towers giving the school a very distinctive look. The interrior of the  building captures a Mayan Indian theme. The current building was built  from 1934-37.

While visiting the Kansas City, KS Public School Website http://www.kckps.org. I Stumbled upon A documentary of Wyandotte High School named A History of Wyandotte High School  by Marjorie  Salle. Salle was a English teacher at Wyandotte High School in 1961-1962 and 1975-1995. Salle Documentary can be found at http://www.kckps.org/disthistory/pdf%20files/wy_hs_history_msallee.pdf . Salle’s Documentary is 42 pages of rich Wyandotte High School History. Salle  reflects back from 1886 when the school first opened to the early 1990’s. In this Documentary salle mentions and clarifies many of the myths that I had heard about as a child as well as a host of interesting facts. An example of this is when Salle mentions that four men fell to their death while building the ceiling of the auditorium and that in memory of these men there are four figures represented in tile mosaics in the auditorium. Other facts that I found interesting was how the ethnicity of the school has changed and how it only took 2 and a half years to build. The current building in which Wyandotte is located was built from 1934 to 1937. This was during the Great Depression on the 1930’s. Salle Mentions that the school contains almost four million bricks and it took 32,000 barrels of concrete to build its structure.  I also found it interesting that in 1962-1963 the demographic make up of the school was 18% Black, 10% Spanish American, 64% Caucasian, and 8% other. According to KCKPS.Org, Wyandotte  High School is currently 51.13% Black, 8.6 % White, 37% Hispanic and 2.9% other. This was quite a change in demographics.

Salle also mentioned  many of the School’s traditions that are still in full affect today. Traditions including students and staff wearing school colors on Fridays as well as The school’s over all strong school spirit. Other facts about Wyandotte are that it became National  Register of Historic places in 1986 and Kansas City, KS Historic Landmark in 1985.

Salle, Marjorie. ” A History of Wyandotte High School”. Kansas City, KS Public School District,http://www.kckps.org/disthistory/pdf%20files/wy_hs_history_msallee.pdf ( accessed June 25th,2008)


3 Responses to “Wyandotte Highschool Kansas City,KS”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Thats a really interesting background on a school. I grew up in KC as well, but have never been to that high school. I guess now if I get a chance I will stop by and check it out. Interesting topic.

  2. Kristen Epps Says:

    Interesting topic Darian!

  3. Renée Says:

    I like the architecture of the building. There was a movement in the 1930’s to add some artistic flare to educational instutitions, hence buildings like Wyandotte and Topeka High School were designed the way they were designed. Cool history though; I love it when one person who has a vested interest in something (like Ms. Salle) put pen to paper for future generations to read. If it wasn’t for people like that, I think a lot of stuff would just be…forgotten. Good post!

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